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Glaciers in L.A.?

LA County Fair, Pomona, CA September 5-28, 2007

Glacier 1A feature of this year’s Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona was the Eco Now! exhibit, a planet saving adventure. The exhibit was designed to promote a healthier, happier planet and the role we play.

The client approached us in April with the concept of having an ice glacier on display to teach kids about glaciers and how they melt. We reviewed the requirements for such a project and saw numerous challenges, not the least of which was to keep the glacier from melting for three straight weeks while the exhibit was on display.

Glacier 2The Carving Ice R&D department was up for the challenge. They researched the requirements and tested for our ideas for two months before coming up with the solution. In order to keep the ice consistently cold, we used refrigeration copper coiling and dry ice. The solution was simple to maintain. We added ice and dry ice where needed about every 2 days. This gave the client the result they needed, a solid piece of ice that melted about as fast as the glaciers of old.

The exhibit was a huge success and the glacier performed exactly as planned.

Carving Ice is committed to providing the most creative and illuminating designs through ice and water resulting in an awareness, and unique presence, that always creates a WOW factor for our clients.

Aqua Sermo

Aqua Sermo

The AquaSermo is Millions of tiny illuminated droplets cascading to the ground forming an image in mid-air – a name, a logo, a message, even a picture. Click on the image and see for yourself!

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